$2250 exchange.  

Freight charges depend upon the destination address. Please E Mail us for a freight quote: sunvalleymercedes@gmail.com

This rebuilt automatic transmission has a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty.

For local sales: In the event that warranty repairs are needed, all repairs shall be performed by us at our location in Pacoima, Ca. at no charge.

Out of State or Country sales: In the event of a warranty, a replacement transmission will be sent. All freight charges are covered under this warranty. Any outside labor associated with a warranty claim is not covered.

This warranty is void if our installation and adjustment instructions are not followed or if incorrect installation has damaged our transmission.

Please review error codes (if applicable to this transmission type) before installing our transmission. Damage to transmission due to faulty electronic transmission controls not warranted.
Please call us for advice, before taking a guess.

Rebuilt Transmissions